I thought everything was fine until you told me that you missed me. I’m not saying that I miss you but, there are mornings where I wake up longing to hear the sound of your voice. What’s even sadder still is that your laugh would sound exactly the same: familiar, warm, safe. It is the only thing that has not changed. Everyday, I look for you in people that I meet in search for your heart inside of their chests. There are days where I cannot help being reminded of how it felt to be loved by you. It was beautiful and messy and awful, but, it was love. Now you only call me when your heart is lonely or your bed is empty. So no, I’m not saying that I miss you, but, god, I wish you knew that I miss you like the stars that long to shine in the daytime. You don’t know it but, they are always shining for you and I am always missing you. I’m not saying that I miss you // by c-oquetry (via c-oquetry)
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Just because someone desires you, it does not mean that they value you.

Read it over.


Let those words resonate in your mind. Nayyirah Waheed (via bl-ossomed)
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kissing is hella rad but no one is kissing me so that makes me hella sad

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i would sit in my underwear with you at 2am

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Take a deep breath and realize how completely insane it is that you’re alive. Zach Braff (via aurelle)
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ill kiss u so hard man dont fuck w me

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*taps glass to get your attention* everyone… i  look great

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i like the internet bc people actually think im cute 

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You should be with somebody who makes you forget what it felt like to be sad. (via your-daisyfreshgirl)

I’m with the wrong person then lol

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Keepsakes: some of my favorites
*obvi not mine, but repost bc I love it*
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may the wings of your eyeliner always be even.

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I opened my mouth, almost said something. Almost. The rest of my life might have turned out differently if I had. But I didn’t.

The Kite Runner (Khaled Hosseini)

so fucking relevant oh my god

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